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ATEX fans and electrical motors in conformity with erp directives 2017

The ErP – Energy Related Product – directive for electrical motors EU 640/2009 and the directive for fans 327/2011 refer to the energy efficiency to achieve the objectives set under the Kyoto agreement.

  1. 20% less energy consumption
  2. 20% less CO2 emissions
  3. 220% more renewable energy

These objectives are to be met by 2020.

Phasing 2013 – 2015
Since 1 January 2013, when the first phase of the ErP directive came into force, each type of fan (axial, centrifugal, etc.) has had an efficiency level of “N” at which for each type of fan the minimum efficiency can be determined, and there is an obligation to use IE2 motors with an output from 0.75 kW. On 1 January 2015 the second phase came into force, under which fans from 7.5 kW have to be supplied with IE3 motors (or IE2 combined with a frequency regulator).

ErP directives 2017

With effect from 1 January 2017 all new fans must be supplied with IE3 motors from 0.75 kW (2, 4 and 6 pole motors). An IE2 motor can be used if the fan is controlled by a frequency regulator.

The following fan applications are excluded from this ErP directive.

  1. Fans with a capacity of > 500 kW at maximum efficiency
  2. Fans used to displace gases above 100ºC
  3. Fans used in an aggressive environment (plastic, stainless steel, etc.)
  4. Atex fans used in an Atex environment
  5. Smoke exhaust fans F200, F300, F400 and F600
  6. Induction and impulse fans F200, F300, F400 used in car parks

Important: To meet the stricter requirements, the materials used will be of higher quality, which will of course affect the selling price of the end-product. It is therefore very important to take account of the higher prices for our products. The big advantage is that the higher purchasing costs, which we try to keep to a minimum, are recouped in the longer term by the lower power consumption: this serves to reduce the ultimate investment.

We therefore recommend applying for a new quotation for projects to be completed and implemented after 1 January 2017 so that the right solution and prices can be taken into account.

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