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The internationally-operated IP classification “International protection” is a precise method for indicating the protection levels of casings. This IP classification indicates the extent to which the motor is waterproof and dustproof. The IP Class offering sufficient protection is selected on the basis of the situation in which the motor is used.

The 1st figure is the protection against objects/dust
0 :no protection
1 :protection against objects larger than 50 mm
2 :rotection against objects larger than 12 mm
3 :protection against objects larger than 2.5 mm
4 : protection against sold substances larger than 1 mm
5 :dustproof
6 :maximum dust-proofing
The 2nd figure is the protection against water/moisture
0 :no protection
1 :protection against vertically falling droplets and condensation
2 :protection against falling droplets up to 18° in relation to the vertical position
3 :protection against falling droplets up to 60° in relation to the vertical position
4 :protection against water projections (sprayed water from all directions)
5 :protection against water jets (water sprayed from all directions)
6 :protections against solid water (sprayed with water with the force of waves)
7 :protection against the effects of brief immersion to a limited depth
8 :protection against the effects of prolonged immersion at great depth (pressure waterproof)

Points of attention

The motors used by Ventinet B.V. as standard have an IP 55 level of protection and offer sufficient protection for outdoor use. There are however a number of points to consider:

  1. When connecting the motor it is important to ensure that the swivels are correct fitted and tightened. The cover of the junction box must be fitted with a correctly fitting, undamaged gasket. The screws of the cover must also be tightened correctly.
  2. For Atex motors the cover of the junction box must be coated each time that it is opened with new, special grease, after removing the old grease and cleaning both components.
  3. In the case of vertical installation it is advisable to place an extra rain hood over the protective cover so that when the motor is not running no water remains on the cooling fan, which could cause problems such as freezing in winter.

If required by the end-customer, it can be decided to use a high IP class for the motor or to place a rain hood over the motor to prevent water from reaching it.

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