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A suitable color

There are high demands for parking garages on fire safety, sound absorption and thermal insulation. In the field of health and safety, ventilation is an important aspect. In parking garages there is…

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Atex for the rental market

Together with CSrental, Ventispecial has brought several mobile Atex centrifugal fans to the market. The mobile plastic centrifugal fans from Ventispecial are already used for a long period in the rental market.…

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A seamless connection

Fans are used for several applications and in all kind of installations. Every system has its own dimensions and connections. Ventinet has the possibility to connect the fans perfectly onto your system.…

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New color for “Hot Gas”

Our centrifugal fans for high temperatures have a new color. The standard centrifugal fans, which are suitable for temperatures up to ca. 300°C, will get a black heat-resistant coating RAL 9005. The…

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