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A suitable color

There are high demands for parking garages on fire safety, sound absorption and thermal insulation. In the field of health and safety, ventilation is an important aspect.

In parking garages there is an increased concentration of toxic gases. For the removal of these exhaust gases a choice can be made for continuous ventilation or for ventilation based on CO/LPG detection. Here the system is switched on if the values are exceeded or according the needs.

In the event of a fire, the smoke detection system automatically controls the fans at the level where the fire is located. Because of this :
• safe evacuation of the persons is ensured
• there is permanent accessibility, right up to the fire
• there is a limitation of the structural damage to the building, due to the cooling effect of the large flow rates

It is also very important that the products can be easily processed into a tight surface that can also meet the aesthetic requirements. In order to ensure that the fans fit into the total picture of the parking garage, our parking fans are available in any desired RAL color.

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